When my Internet connection went out today, I found myself at a complete loss. When I am not on the phone, working directly with my clients, the bulk of my work requires an Internet connection. Without one, I wasn’t able to do much of what I thought I needed to accomplish today. So, what did I do? I moved through my day more slowly. With a shorter to-do list, I found myself able to work at a much more comfortable pace. I was able to enjoy a leisurely latte break, and I even found time to listen to a CD that I had been wanting to listen to… but just “didn’t have the time”.

We move through so much of our day-to-day life on auto-pilot. Wake up. Ready the kids for the day. Put on shoes. Put on seatbelts. Off to school. Errands. Work. Dinner. Bath-time. Bed-time. Repeat. And, rarely do we stop to question whether any particular step along the way is absolutely necessary. Does this need to be done? And, if so, does it need to be done right now? What would happen if it didn’t get done, just for today?

So, here are some tips to rethink your current schedule.

6 Easy Tips to Slow Your Roll
1.) Make a list of all of the regular activities/tasks/chores you take on during the week. Choose at least one activity that you can skip. Maybe that means you order in dinner on Tuesday nights. Or, maybe you have the dry-cleaning picked up.

2.) Choose at least one activity that you can delegate to someone else. For example, you can empower kids to make dinner one night a week. Or, maybe you can join a carpool for after-school activities that will free up an hour or two a week.

3.) Which of your regular activities can you automate? Online bill pay is a perfect example of this. Alice.com will save you the trip of going to the drugstore. Joining a CSA group (Community Supported Agriculture) will allow you to feed your family organic produce, support local farmers and… avoid having to go to the market for produce.

4.) What important activities do you neglect because you just “don’t have the time”? Block off 30 minutes once or twice a week for yourself. Get a manicure. Go for a walk around the park. Read a juicy novel. Do whatever it takes to refresh your mind and spirit. Don’t forget, you take care of others by taking care of yourself.

5.) Do you have time set aside in your weekly schedule to reconnect with your kids? So much of the parent-child relationship revolves around ‘have-to’s”. You have to provide them with dinner. They have to do their chores. Reconnecting is time set aside to just enjoy each other. Have a movie night. Bake some cookies together. Go for a hike. Enjoy the person your kid is becoming and let them enjoy your company, too.

6.) And last but not least, pretend your Internet connection is down, if only just for today.

Time is so precious and so fleeting. Every moment we have with those we love is a true blessing. The more you can keep that in mind, the more you will be inspired to make peace and create joy in your world. It really doesn’t take much.

© Gila Brown